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The Exotic Driving Experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway
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01 September 2011

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is every driver’s dream place. This motorsports facility is bursting at the seams with just about everything you would ever need to satisfy your lust for speed in the car of your dreams. It boasts four driving schools, ten racing venues and seating for over 200,000 speedway fans. There are 1,400 ‘event days’ organized at the speedway every year making it one of the most popular venues for fans and speedway organizers alike.

Being ideally situated close to Las Vegas, it is owned by Speedway Motorsports, Inc, the leading promoter of motorsports entertainment in the whole of the United States. They incidentally, own a lot more tracks all over the States but the exotic driving experience that is organized at the Las Vegas speedway track offers customers the opportunity of a life time, to drive a fantastic car around one of the best speedway tracks that can be found.

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Researchers are not happy that Nevadans are top Twitter users
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21 August 2011

Is it the researchers or the Nevadans who are ‘not happy’ when it comes to the subject of not only being ranked as the top of Twitter users, but also now being ranked as the most miserable state in America?

You can read a lot on the Internet about the State of Nevada being the top ranking Twitter user then you find out how a Cambridge University doctorate student did an in depth study into the fact that they are indeed the highest ranking Twitter users. His results show that although Nevadans are the tops when it comes to using Twitter, what they actually write about definitely does not rate as ‘happy thoughts’ – but is this all actually true?

Along with the university student there has been another research carried out by an Aussie engineering student. His research was based entirely on information he gathered from Twitter itself. His conclusion was that Nevadans were the top Twitter users but not only was this fact now confirmed (again) he then also stated that they were the unhappiest state in America. As an aside the happiest state was Tennessee.

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Las Vegas Earth Hour
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19 August 2011

For a second time since Earth Hour first started, Las Vegas told the world that it cared about climate change. In startling darkness the normally super-lit city plunged into darkness at 8.30 pm to join forces with other cities all over the globe and on seven continents and be seen (or not) as caring about energy conservation in Nevada.

For many who were just arriving the normally glitzy, illuminated ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas ‘ wasn’t turned on to bid them welcome and this was met with surprise and disappointment, especially because many first time visitors could not take any of the photos they had planned to get of the city.

Many residents knew something was different about Vegas but even though there were many lights turned off at the well known venues and casinos in the city it wasn’t until it was explained to them what was happening that they agreed that it was a good thing for the city to do. Many residents thought Earth Hour in Las Vegas was ‘really cool’ and a few thought the organizers should do it every evening which is if you think about it is a better than good idea.

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Grand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure
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08 July 2011

The Grand Canyon is undoubtedly one of the most breath take natural sights in the world.  But it can be hard to really appreciate it in all its glorious wonder from the ground.  So why not view the canyon from above, and while you are there, you can satisfy your inner cowboy and enjoy the experience of a real cattle ranch.

Your journey will start from McCarran International Airport where you will board an exclusive jet helicopter.  All of the seats on the helicopter will offer you an unrivalled view and your pilot will provide you with a running commentary of the tour through your headphones.  Feel free to ask any questions about this memorising natural wonder, your pilot will be happy to assist where they can, as they take you over the Grand Canyon and then descend into it – some 1,500 feet below the rim!

The Grand Canyon itself is around 280 miles long and was carved out by the Colorado River some 17 million years ago.  Nearly 2 billion years of the earth's geological history have become exposed due to the formation of the canyon and this lead to the site becoming one of the first National Parks in the United States.

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The History of the Masters Golf Tournament
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07 April 2011

The Masters Tournament is a golfing tournament that takes place every year in Augusta, Georgia in the United States. It is one of the four annual major professional golfing events and is usually held in the first week of April each year. The Masters Tournament is the only one of the four major golfing events that takes place in the same location every year. The other major events are the US Open, the British Open (also known as the Open Championship) and the PGA Championship and each event changes location annually.

The Masters Tournament was established by Bobby Jones who was the most successful American amateur golfer that has ever competed nationally and internationally. He was a lawyer by trade, but had a real passion for golf, and after he retired from being a lawyer he wanted to build a golf course.

Out of his dream for building a golf course was born the Augusta National Golf Club which is the club that houses the Masters Tournament in Augusta. Bobby Jones took the advice of Clifford Robert in building the club house, who was an American investment dealer and Golf administrator. Clifford Roberts then took the position of Club Chairman.

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Niagara Falls Day Trip from New York by Air
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19 February 2011

If you are visiting New York then you just have to visit Niagara Falls, even if you are just on a weekend break there is no excuse with the Niagara Falls day trip, from New York by air.  The day trip to this magnificent thunderous product of the last ice age is now possible in as little as 12 hours.  With round trips from mid town New York to Upstate, then on to Buffalo airport for a quick transfer to the Falls.

The River Niagara stretches across the Canadian – United States border in both the state of New York and the Province of Ontario, carved by relentless ice sheets 18,000 years ago.  Niagara Falls is the second largest water fall in the world to the Victoria Falls of South Africa.  The awesome power of the combined 750,000 gallons of water dispersed over the American, Bridal Veil and Horseshoe Falls every second makes this an inspiring place to visit.

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