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Is Rival Casinos going to fall over and die?
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03 February 2012

In online terms, Rival Casinos haven’t been around for a great length of time. They first launched in 2006. They provided a unique approach to how online casinos were to operate and little did they know they there would be tough times ahead, many tough times.

The company are very resilient, but there is only so much a company can take before they admit defeat and cannot take any more blows.

The introduction of the highly innovative i-Slots looked to be a huge success but the idea came at just the wrong time. The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIEGA) was passed and threatened the entire operations of online gambling in the US, including Rival Casinos.

Cracks then started to appear when in 2008, T2, a marketing company whom Rival had entered into a marketing agreement with claimed that Rival’s four owners had breached this agreement, which the lead to a lawsuit and they incurred a huge payout of approximately C$500,000 to T2 Marketing.

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