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Worlds Most Expensive Properties - Elena Franchuk's Victorian Villa
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21 February 2009

Worlds Most Expensive Properties - Elena Franchuk's Victorian Villa

Philanthropists are known for raising and donating money to charitable causes. The title “philanthropist” automatically clues the world in on your giving, good-hearted ways. By this standard, it's of little surprise that billionaire philanthropist Elena Franchuk has recently bore the brunt of verbal lashings for her $160-million USD (80 million pounds) Victorian Villa purchase in south west London, England.

Most of Elena's goodwill was aimed at the prevention and treatment of the HIV/AIDS virus. Since purchasing the Victorian Villa, Elena continues to serve as a charitable donor for the cause.

The home is a completely refurbished former girl's prep school (until 1997), so when it comes to sheer size, the Victorian Villa is gigantic. It stands five-stories and contains 10 very large bedrooms. In order to complete the transformation from prep school to billionaire-worthy mansion, over $20-million was spent, upgrading bathrooms, kitchens, and installing many new features like an underground swimming pool, movie theater, and even a panic room in case the worst happens.

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