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Profiting from the profiteers - How the US Government are planning to tax online gambling when it regulates
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30 January 2012

Back in the summer of 2011, the Internet Gambling Regulation and Tax Enforcement Act (H.R.2230), which is a federal bill, was introduced and referred to the Committee by Rep. Jim McDermott.

If it the bill gets passed (which is currently still in the early stages of the legislative process), it will not receive a warm welcome because of the steep taxation that will affect both the operator and the player. Most bills do not make it past the committee stage but if it does, it appears as though players will certainly not be able to gain from it. In fact, quite the opposite will happen.

This bill will modify the 1986 Internal Revenue Code and is solely aimed at taxing and regulating Internet Gambling.

Operators of online gambling portals will still have to apply for a separate gaming license for the particular US state that they seek to operate their business from. The legislation will mean that operators are obliged to collect tax details and data from their registered users and details of all of their cash wagers. This information that they collect will then have to be relayed to auditors.

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