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Worlds Top Yachts - The Utopia
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24 November 2008

Worlds Top Yachts - The UtopiaFrom the first plans to build the superyacht Utopia, Feadship knew they were in for a huge job. Utopia was originally designed to be a 58-meter yacht, but the owner had a desire for a much larger ship full to the brim with top-level content.

The customer urged Feadship to lengthen to ship to 71.60-meters, thus making this one of the most complex ship construction projects in history. Aboard the Utopia, there are six decks which are all completely decked out with the latest innovative technologies and all the correct ultra-lavish comforts for the mega-rich.

It took very careful and precise work to build the Utopia, and the painstaking craftsmanship reflects on every single square inch of the finished product.

The level of finish leaves most astonished at the intricate detail. On an aesthetics level, Utopia reprises some solutions already successfully expressed by De Voogt Naval Architects, and also for Feadship. Rounded lines form the bow of the upper deck, and plenty of glass is set between the decks, making the ship appear more like a floating office building from a distance.

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