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The Valley of Fire Tour in Vegas
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02 September 2011

The Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest state park and a trip to this amazing place will take you through some fantastic scenery including incredible rock formations and color reflections on the eroded sandstone through the valley that will simply take your breath away. The sand dunes here are as ancient as time is itself leaving you feeling very small indeed. People call the Valley of Fire an ‘awe inspiring’ and it really is just that.

Just 50 miles from Las Vegas the valley is 150 million years old and was named the ‘Valley of Fire’ because when the sun hits these ancient rocks it often gives the impression that the whole valley is on fire. Touring through it is like going back in time, 3000 years back in fact.

The tour encompasses authentic Pueblos, pottery, baskets, arrowheads, tools along with other ancient artifacts and the Great Anasazi – the ‘Lost City’. Once the spiritual centre of these great people, driving through it you understand why it was, and you will certainly come away having had a spiritual experience yourself. Over centuries nature has carved the sandstone rocks into unbelievable shapes that are a photographers dream.

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Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Gold Butte Back Country Byway
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28 July 2010

Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Gold Butte Back Country BywayThere’s certainly no shortage of sights to see if you’re ever planning to make a trip to Las Vegas. The surrounding areas are scenic and historic, and anyone thinking that Vegas is a desert wasteland has simply never been there to experience the “portal to the west” feel of the land. The Gold Butte Back Country Byway is consistently one of Vegas’ most traveled roadways.

Gold Butte was a mining town established in the early 1900s. It was essentially part of the Old West atmosphere and only had around 1,500 residents in its heyday. This makeshift town was never meant to be a permanent home for people. The miners and their families were looking to strike it rich and jump over to California. The entire town was made up of tents and a few buildings.

The Gold Butte Back Country Byway is named after this town, but travelers of this scenic route get to experience much more than the remnants of one of Vegas’ oldest mining towns. Altogether, it usually takes a scenic driver about 5 hours to travel the 62-mile stretch of road. It is also suggested that drivers take a truck or a high-clearance vehicle, as not all the road is smooth sailing.

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Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Bitter Springs Back Country Byway
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15 July 2010

Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Bitter Springs Back Country BywayNevada is absolutely jam packed with hundreds of tourist destinations, especially around Las Vegas. The desert oasis full of casino resorts is great for the gambling types out there, but Vegas and the surrounding area presents a tourist’s paradise in terms of scenery and historic locations. Driving the Bitter Springs Back Country Byway, tourists get to see a lot of what the area offers.

Anyone planning on venturing to Nevada to cruise this strip of land should know that it’s an unpaved road that can get a bit rough at times. It’s certainly not a drag strip and all motorists should take it easy and enjoy the scenery. It should take anyone about 2 hours to fully enjoy the scenic tour, although the byway isn’t that long.

Also, your run-of-the-mill rental car probably isn’t going to make the trek. This byway is something that needs to be planned out and not simply a route you can stumble across. You should have a high-clearance vehicle, a truck or an ATV, and you should make sure to bring some supplies just in case of a breakdown.

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