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Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Red Rock Canyon
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27 June 2010

Major Attractions Surrounding Las Vegas - Red Rock CanyonSome tourist attractions in the world just stand out and you don’t really need any directions to get there. Like the Statue of Liberty in New York – you’re going to see her standing there if you’re anywhere near the Hudson. The same can be said about Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas. If you look west of the Vegas Strip, you’ll see the high-standing red rocks.

Red Rock Canyon isn’t one canyon, but rather a series of large red rock formations that are located on a large National Conservation Area (NCA). These red rocks are protected by the Bureau of Land Management as part of the National Landscape Conservation System. Not that anyone would want to destroy the rocks, but they do need to be protected.

With over a million people visiting this site every year, the area could easily be damaged if folks decided that they wanted to chip away at the structure and take a piece home with them. The red sandstone isn’t exactly tough stuff, and it can easily be damaged.

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