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Loyalty Rewards Brought to you by Vegas Partner Lounge
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13 March 2015

The official name of the loyalty rewards program brought to you by Vegas Partner Lounge is called the Vegas Loyalty Lounge. This is one of the best schemes of its kind available online today. This is a non-nonsense rewards program which focusses on rewarding players generously based on their play in the casino.

You can earn loyalty points (which are also known as C-Bucks at each of the Vegas Partner Lounge casinos) each time you play in the real money mode on any of your favourite games, but some of the games will earn you more points per $/€/£1.00 wagered than other games. Loyalty points are also sometimes referred to as frequent player points (FPP). Once you have accumulated enough C-Bucks, you can head to the cashier and then exchange those points for cold hard cash. In fact, you can use your C-Bucks to purchase free spins, you can take advantage of the latest bonuses or you can pay for entries into special online slot tournaments.

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Improvements made to the Royal Vegas Casino Lobby
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10 May 2014

In January 2014, the operators of Royal Vegas Casino announced that some new changes had been made to the lobby in the downloadable version of the casino. Not a great deal has changed, but it definitely has improved somewhat.

For example, the standard Microgaming navigation bar which you can find in EVERY downloadable Microgaming powered casino is still in exactly the same position, towards the bottom of the screen. The Games button, as well as the My Promotions button, News, My Account, Bank, Help, Contact Us and Game View buttons are all still in exactly the same position. In fact, all of the other pages have remained unchanged. The only thing that has changed recently is the main lobby.

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William Hill PLC Updates T's and C's for its Vegas Product
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07 March 2014

Towards the very end of October, William Hill Plc. announced that it would be updating certain Terms and Conditions for its Vegas product. William Hill Vegas is an online casino which is powered by non-downloadable Ash Gaming and Blueprint Gaming software.

The changes which came in to effect on October 28th 2013 meant that the casino would be improving the way in which it manages the Progressive Jackpot contributions. These new changes basically mean that the accumulating prize pools (progressive jackpots) will replenish much quicker than ever before, so when a jackpot has been won, you won’t have to wait as long for that prize to reach such a decent amount again.

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10 Free Things to Enjoy During Your Vegas Holiday
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03 February 2014

Believe it or not, you don't need to break your bank account when you plan a holiday in Las Vegas. Admittedly, this may be the city where you can deplete your cash or lose your plane ticket home within mere seconds, but there's more to the city than meets the eye.

Vegas may be considered a playground for World Series of Poker champs, or even budding tournament newbies who make casinos their second home, but it's also increasingly becoming a favorite place to holiday for non-gambling enthusiasts and budget-strapped families.

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Everything Vegas
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26 August 2013

Las Vegas is the city of adrenaline that can’t be matched anywhere else on the planet.  A city surrounded by desert, it can only be described as a diamond in the rough where many of us try for the ultimate gamble.  Here is your one stop guide to all that is Las Vegas and how you can join in the fun this year.

All on Red or Black
There are few people who have gambled their entire lives on the spin of a wheel or a hand of poker. The majority of those who have tried have not been too happy with the outcome, but there is one that gambled it all and walked away a winner. Ashley Revell, a Londoner who was fed up with his day to day life sold his entire worldly goods, including his clothes all for one spin of the Roulette wheel in Las Vegas.

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Things to look out for in Las Vegas 2012
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10 March 2012

In previous years, Las Vegas has continued to push forward with new changes and 2012 doesn’t look to be any different. There are many new charms and developments in the pipeline which are aimed at tempting back tourists who have previously visited Sin City and to also hopefully attract a new generation of holidaymakers.

For many people, the relatively low prices will be one of the main reasons for visiting Vegas this year and the fact that plenty of new attractions are planned should also hopefully entice new people in their droves.

Singer Rod Stewart will be based in the Colosseum Lounge and will begin part of a two year contract. He is set be a regular fixture here throughout 2012.

There will also be a brand spanking new complex that will consist of eateries, a retail section and of course, Vegas-style entertainment in a complex called the Skyvue Vegas which is quite close to Mandalay Bay.

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Wild things at the Springs Preserve
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09 September 2011

Each year during the months of April, May and June, a little bit of the Roos-N-More Zoo arrives every weekend at the Springs Preserve to entertain visitors who flock here to meet rare and beautiful creatures that they have only ever seen on TV or in photos.

These welcomed weekend guests at the Springs Preserve are otters, lemurs, boa constrictors to name but a few of the many unusual and sometimes endangered animals from around the world that are bought to the Springs for visitors to see and meet them up close, interact with them and get to know something about the little critters that inhabit our planet.

Shows are held twice daily and visitors can learn all there is know about the animals they meet by listening to great tutorials from members of the zoo staff. Just by watching the animals visitors can get to know their personalities as they watch them fool around.

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Vintage Vegas takes another spin
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04 September 2011

Chris Phillips alias Zowie Bowie also known as the man with constant and very obvious fake tan, has been wowing the Las Vegas lounges since 2006 with his wacky performances which he had been doing so expertly along with his then-fiancée.

The gleaming wide smile of the curvaceous Marley Taylor had drawn the crowds in to admire and ogle at the various outfits that both performers dared to wear during their flash performances and to marvel at the dance moves that Marley performed throughout. But then things went a little wrong for the couple as Marley decided to quit to go off with another man who was unfortunately the musical director of their show.

But all is not lost as Phillips has hired a new musical conductor who just happens to be the man that Marley went off with in the first place. It sounds like a story out of the roman era of trickery and deceit, but Phillips is convinced that the three of them will make the performance and therefore the whole show tighter and more intimate than it ever was in the past.

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The World Famous Jabbawockeez
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03 September 2011

The incredible success that the famous Jabbawockeez dance crew has enjoyed over the last few months in Las Vegas has convinced the president of Monte Carlo, Anton Nikodemus,  to rebook them to give more shows at the resort in October 2011 of this year.

He was so impressed by the immediate sell out of the initial performances and clearly appreciated how the now world acclaimed JBWKZ dance show called ‘MUS.I.C.’ added a sensational new option of entertainment to all the guests at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino that he felt the need to do this.

The aptly named show has been described as ‘an audio-visual story of inspiration’ and HBWK clearly bought an enhanced level of thrilling shows to the resort to merit being rebooked. Needless to say Jabbawockee are pretty thrilled to be included as a ‘family member’ of such a prestigious group. Fred Nguyen put it very succinctly when he told the press that the dance crew thought the success they had enjoyed at the resort was one they had always wished would happen, he said they found it to be a ‘truly humbling’ experience.

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The Valley of Fire Tour in Vegas
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02 September 2011

The Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest state park and a trip to this amazing place will take you through some fantastic scenery including incredible rock formations and color reflections on the eroded sandstone through the valley that will simply take your breath away. The sand dunes here are as ancient as time is itself leaving you feeling very small indeed. People call the Valley of Fire an ‘awe inspiring’ and it really is just that.

Just 50 miles from Las Vegas the valley is 150 million years old and was named the ‘Valley of Fire’ because when the sun hits these ancient rocks it often gives the impression that the whole valley is on fire. Touring through it is like going back in time, 3000 years back in fact.

The tour encompasses authentic Pueblos, pottery, baskets, arrowheads, tools along with other ancient artifacts and the Great Anasazi – the ‘Lost City’. Once the spiritual centre of these great people, driving through it you understand why it was, and you will certainly come away having had a spiritual experience yourself. Over centuries nature has carved the sandstone rocks into unbelievable shapes that are a photographers dream.

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18 Review of Vegas nightclub Tabu in the MGM Grand
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28 August 2011

MGM Grand is well known for its night club scene and is always improving the way it presents customers with new ideas to make their nights in Vegas ones that they will never forget. With the opening of the Tabu night club back in 2003, MGM also came up with another way of describing just what it was that they were offering their customers. The word that was on everybody’s lips was ‘ultralounge’. Not to be found in any dictionaries the public were intrigued to find out what MGM meant by this new and intriguing terminology.

Over the years the meaning of the word has been more than understood, it has also been appreciated by all those people who have partied the night away in Tabu. This hotspot night club is very intimate, not at all like the massive clubs close by at all.

It just about takes 400 people to fill Tabu up without it feeling cramped and overcrowded. State of the art technology has been introduced into every aspect of the club, including inclined table tops (?) a mega sound system with interaction videos dotted here and there are the club strategically placed for subtle effects that can barely be noticed by the crowd which is a really nice subtle touch.

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Review of Vegas nightclub Studio 54 in the MGM Grand
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27 August 2011

The MGM Grand hotel is a smart hotel and it boasts one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas. Studio 54 has left the sound of the 70’s way behind with an upbeat ultra modern club that features state of the art sound that blasts out high energy music with a lighting and video system to match.

It is now one of the hottest night clubs in Vegas with an amazing 22,000 square foot of floor space and with four dance floors, bars and exclusive areas on the upper floor for invited guests only this club really is impressive. There are a few other semi-private lounges to boot that can cater for up to 400 people.

With a dress code that only lets people who are ‘dressed nicely’ into the joint, the club really starts to heat up as the night gets going with infamous parties that will never be forgotten by anyone who is lucky enough to be involved in them.

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Las Vegas Earth Hour
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19 August 2011

For a second time since Earth Hour first started, Las Vegas told the world that it cared about climate change. In startling darkness the normally super-lit city plunged into darkness at 8.30 pm to join forces with other cities all over the globe and on seven continents and be seen (or not) as caring about energy conservation in Nevada.

For many who were just arriving the normally glitzy, illuminated ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas ‘ wasn’t turned on to bid them welcome and this was met with surprise and disappointment, especially because many first time visitors could not take any of the photos they had planned to get of the city.

Many residents knew something was different about Vegas but even though there were many lights turned off at the well known venues and casinos in the city it wasn’t until it was explained to them what was happening that they agreed that it was a good thing for the city to do. Many residents thought Earth Hour in Las Vegas was ‘really cool’ and a few thought the organizers should do it every evening which is if you think about it is a better than good idea.

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How to play craps for the first time in Las Vegas
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18 August 2011

The whole concept of crap is that it is a fast moving game that gets punters on their toes and for those who know and play the game routinely, shouting out their bets and throwing chips on the table for dealers to maneuver to where they need to be placed, it is a really great casino game to play.

Watching dealers seemingly and smoothly whipping the chips away and then stacking a load and pushing them over to a player who has presumably just won, you realize that no -  he hasn’t won - he has just bought into the game. In short to a new comer it looks like organized mayhem that is really hard to understand.

Playing craps for the first time can be a nerve racking experience but there are certain tips and pointers that may help calm those shaking hands and get the dice rolling. The best time to go and chance your luck on the dice table is when it is quiet in the casino, mid-week is usually a good time with hotel rooms costing that much less and with less people around you will not have to wait in line to get anything.

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Famous celebrities who have tied the knot in Vegas
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17 August 2011

Getting married in Vegas is popular, so popular that 120,000 couples do it every year. From the very early days marrying in this glitzy town was favored by the rich and famous and they gloried in the press they received when they left the churches or chapels and hotels that hold the ceremonies.

The press loved it too, and paparazzi from all over the globe waited and will wait forever in anticipation of getting that perfect picture of the rich and famous as they wave and smile for their adoring fans and of course the cameras.

Over the years there have been some strange matches that have taken place in Las Vegas, Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra being a great example of this. But there have been some true love stories for some of the stars who got hitched in Vegas, these are couples like the heart throb Paul Newman and the lovely actress Joanne Woodward.

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Las Vegas International Tattoo 2011 at University of Nevada
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01 July 2011

Choosing to hold the Las Vegas International Tattoo 2011 at the University of Nevada is one of the best venue choices that could have been made. Superstars have played to massive audiences at this venue with great success. Names like Elton John, Billy Joel, U2, Van Halen, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner to name but a few have performed at the University over the past 20 years or so and audiences have gone wild at every event.

The Tattoo 2011 took place in the Thomas & Mack Center which is one of the largest indoor arenas found in Las Vegas. It sits proudly in the grounds of the University of Nevada as is named after two very prominent bankers, E Parry Thomas and Jerome Mack. These two bankers originally funded the feasibility and land studies for the arena project. It is now home to the UNLV men’s basketball team and the National Finals Rodeo is also held in the stadium every year.

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