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Can Sebastian Vettel Retain His 2010 Title As We Approach the 2011 Australian Grand Prix?
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27 March 2011

Sebastian Vettel managed to take the title in the Formula One Driver’s Championships held in November 2010, and he will of course be determined to try and take the title as we approach the 2011 Australian Grand Prix. Vettel’s win of the driver’s title in 2010 made him the youngest Formula One driver to do so. His team, Red Bull, also won the Constructor’s Championship last year.

But today’s news confirmed that Mark Webber is hot on his tail for the top spot at the annual Formula One event. Webber did lead the Formula One standings last year but Vettel took the lead in the final race leaving Webber without his win.

Vettel spoke out on Sunday of other drivers that are worrying at the moment too. He confirmed that he not only expects Fernando Alonso as his main rival for the 2011 Grand Prix, but he also said that the thinks that Felipe Massa could cause him some problems too. Although he won against Alonso in Abu Dhabi last year, he spoke out and said that he believes there will be a comeback for Alonso this year.

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