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Worlds Top Resorts - Necker Island
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01 December 2008

Worlds Top Resorts - Necker IslandNot too long ago, Necker Island was considered a drab location with no commercial appeal whatsoever. However, after one of Britain’s most outlandish figures, the multi-billionaire Sir Richard Branson, purchased the property, the little praised getaway in the British Virgin Islands quickly became a mega-popular success.

The resort is operated as a private residence, and all guests have the freedom to explore the entire island and the surrounding scenery. And a staff of 31 works to provide up to 26 guests with around-the-clock service, be it a simple room cleaning or a gourmet meal.

Necker Island is 74-acres, and has a 10-bedroom Balinese villa, along with two 1-bedroom Balinese houses named Bali Hi and Bali Lo. These houses are beautifully designed and boast many wonderful features. Each house has a private swimming pool, open-air lounging areas, outdoor dining areas, and many other state-of-the-art amenities.

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