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The Story of Broadway Theater, New York
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24 April 2010

The Story of Broadway Theater, New YorkNew York City is absolutely filled with tourist attractions and historical landmarks that are more recognizable than in any other city in America. With the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building acting as the sights to see, the historic Broadway Theatre acts as the city’s hub of artsy productions and is the New York art district’s crown jewel.

A lot of people confuse Broadway the district with Broadway the building. With 40 individual theaters in the district, the multiple structures single-handedly make Manhattan stand out as one of the foremost production cities on the planet. Even with much of the world in recession, Broadway still manages to pull in close to a billion US dollars annually in ticket fees alone.

However, Broadway Theatre, the 1,700-seat centerpiece of the district, remains the top theater in the district despite the competition. It’s the one stage which every theatrical performer wishes to appear on, and no matter how many names it has gone by in the past, this building has always been the crème de la crème of New York’s play scene.

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