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The Upcoming Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010
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13 January 2010

The Upcoming Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010Games are as much as part of world history as our oceans or even breathing. Ancient Egyptians are rumored to have participated in a variety of competitive games, and in the 8th century BC, the Greeks began competing in sporting events during the Olympic Games.

The games held in Olympia, Greece were stopped during the 5th century AD, after a span of over a millennium, and they were once again revised in the 19th century by Baron Pierre do Coubertin. Today’s Olympic Games take place every two years - winter and summer games - and bring the entire world together to compete for medals.

2010’s Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and this will mark the third time Canada has hosted the event as a country, but only the first that British Columbia has had the honor.

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