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Top Vegas Shows - Wayne Brady: Making It Up!
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18 April 2010

Top Vegas Shows - Wayne Brady: Making It Up!Described once as the “friendliest black man on the planet,” comic extraordinaire Wayne Brady has been on a meteoric rise to stardom for over a decade. Even still, the talented improvisation master remains underrated in the mainstream, by and large, and even with two hit TV shows to his credit, Mr. Brady’s Vegas show, Making it UP, doesn’t get its deserved credit.

Wayne Brady was a fixture on America’s version of Whose Line is it Anyway, co-starring Drew Carey. He’s also the host of the daytime game show Let’s Make a Deal, and had an unforgettable performance on the second season of the Dave Chappelle Show. This has prepared Wayne for the big stage of Vegas, and he hasn’t disappointed yet.

It seems like a shame that Wayne Brady: Making it Up isn’t the hottest show on The Strip, but there is a good reason for this: unlike many Las Vegas shows, Brady’s isn’t ongoing. This means show goers need to keep up to date with show times, and with hundreds of entertainment options in Sin City, that’s not always easy to do.

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Top Vegas shows - Drew Carey and The Improv All-Stars
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19 March 2010

Top Vegas shows - Drew Carey and The Improv All-StarsThe Super Bowl is perhaps one of Las Vegas’ busiest times of year. With a city literally built around betting, it’s no surprise that gamblers pour in from far and wide; and the NFL’s biggest game simply provides them a great excuse to make the trek. For nearly a decade now, Drew Carey has taken advantage of the stir and has hosted an improv show.

Drew Carey and the Improv All-Stars is a mirror image of the other show Drew used to host with the world’s funniest improvisation comics, Whose Line is it Anyway. Due to legal hassles, Drew and crew cannot use the name, but the Improv All-Stars is basically the exact same show with much of the same cast.

Although Drew and the show roll in around the same time every year, they’re also known to pop up at other times and in other locations. It’s not an ongoing show in Las Vegas, but dates are set frequently enough that anyone wanting to watch it can easily set their Vegas trip schedule for the purpose.

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