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A History of WMS Gaming
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27 February 2011

WMS Gaming started out its life when Harry Williams founded the company in 1943. At that time, the company was known as Williams Manufacturing Company. Harry Williams changed the way that pinball machines were designed by introducing a new mechanism allowing the machines to tilt for a better gaming experience. This changed the future of the game in the USA.

This set a president for the company in future years, and they ventured into the computer gaming market in the 1980s where they developed games for video arcade games. Then in 1991, the company began producing video lottery terminals under the company name Willliams Gaming.

After the success of the video lottery games, Williams Gaming as the company was known at the time, launched their first video poker game, which was a sensation. This led them to start producing casino slot machines in 1994 which were housed in casinos all over America. In 1999, the company changed name again to WMS Gaming, as it is now known.

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