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How can you kick up a fuss if you don't get paid by an online casino
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12 March 2012

If the online casino that you are trying to cash out from is not letting you withdraw your funds, there is something seriously wrong. You can kick up a fuss by first contacting the support and hopefully this will get the issue resolved.

Most support networks can be contacted via email, telephone/fax, Live Chat or occasionally by Skype. Contacting them immediately and at the first sign of any wrong doing is the best advice.

However, before you start going mad at them (and if it has taken more than 48 hours to receive your winnings), it could actually be due to a number of different legitimate reasons. So before you do start panicking, consider the following:

Are you trying to withdraw a substantial amount of money? If you are, the casino may need to contact you to advise you on the best way to withdraw these winnings. This is standard practice and does not mean that they are trying to hold back your funds.

If you are trying to withdraw a relatively small amount, but your money still doesn’t appear to be arriving, are you sure that you gave them the correct banking details? Check your account settings to see if you supplied the correct banking information.

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