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Will the Fortunes of Tiger Woods Change at the 2011 Masters Tournament?
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03 April 2011

Tiger Woods is one of the most renowned professional golfers of today, but what are his chances for the 2011 Masters Tournament?

Tiger Woods was born on 30th December 1975, and he grew up in Orange County, California. His father urged him into golf, and by the age of two Tiger Woods already knew his way around a golf club. When he was only 3 years old, he was featured in the ‘Golf Digest’ and on ABC. At age 6, Tiger entered the Drive, Pitch and Putt Competition and won the under 10s in Cypress, California. At age 8 he won the Junior World Golf Championships.

Later, he won the championships  another 6 times. His father (Earl), who was an amateur golfer, wrote in his memoirs that Tiger at the age of just 11 beat him, even though Earl was trying his hardest at the time. It was clear from very early on that Tiger had a special talent for golf and that he would become a very famous golfer.

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Who Should You Bet On for the 2011 Masters and Why?
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02 April 2011

The 2011 Masters Tournament is almost upon us with just over a month left to go. This article aims to explore the contenders to help you choose who to bet on for this year’s tournament. Essentially, the two to bet on are Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson after last year’s play off at the Masters.

First of all, as you might have guessed, Tiger Woods is still the bookie’s favourite, and is still ranked the number 1 player in the golf Official World Rankings in spite of a career break in recent years due to issues in his personal life. It’s clear that he’s working his way back up to fill his rather large boots again, as he made it to the finals at last year’s Masters Tournament, but took place as runner up to Phil Mickelson. The odds for Tiger Woods to win this year are 5-1.

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