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Worlds Top Watchmakers - Chopard
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19 December 2008

Worlds Top Watchmakers - Chopard

Everyone loves a good wristwatch, that's a no-brainer. However, there's a fine line between quality and classic. When you think of quality, you think of a rugged, durable, affordable watch that looks good but is an even better investment. You'll most likely grab a watch like Citizen, which is directly aimed at that “type”.

However, when you think of classic, you're thinking of elegance, status, beauty, and a timeless name - you're thinking Chopard. For over 100 years, Chopard has been adorning the wrists of everyone from royalty to your well-to-do businessman. Chopard is one of the few remaining brands that don't have to smother their designs in jewels to justify attaching a hefty price tag.

Around the middle of the 16th century, watch makers started to pop up all around Switzerland. In a few short years, Geneva and Jura became the epicenters of the watchmaking world. Slowly, many people started to make watches; the watches of the day were essentially miniaturized pocket clocks.

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