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Denny Hulme the F1 New Zealander
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28 December 2009

Denny Hulme the F1 New ZealanderFormula One Racing has seen more than its fair share of legends, many of whom have suffered a horrific fate at roughly 200 miles per hour. Denny Hulme’s legend, although rightfully belonging in the same breath with others of the famous sport, is somewhat of a paradox.

After an impressive F1 career, retiring and subsequently coming back to race, Hulme suffered a heart attack while driving his BMW M3 at the Bathurst 1000, making him the first F1 champion to die at the wheel due to natural causes. This instantly transformed the successful racer into a legend, and in his biography, Memories of the Bear, Hulme’s life is chronicled with the reverence of a deity.

Denis “Denny” Clive Hulme was born in New Zealand on June 18, 1936 on a small tobacco farm. After leaving school, Hulme went on to work in a garage, where his love for automobiles only intensified. Wanting badly to race, Denny saved up enough to purchase an MG TF and entered his pride and joy into hill climbing events, where he would experience enough success to move up in the world of racing with the purchase of a Cooper Climax. He was then chosen for the New Zealand drive to Europe program and worked as one of Jack Brabham’s mechanics while there.

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