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A quick history of the Olympic Games
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29 July 2008

A quick history of the Olympic Games

If you're a fan of the Olympic Games, you may wonder how it all started. In ancient Olympia, Greece, the Olympic Games were held every four years. The first Olympic game was recorded in 776 B.C. almost 3,000 years ago.

At the time, this festival was a great gathering that took place in order to honor the Greek gods. Olympics were held during this festival period. Though multiple Gods were thought to be appeased by the festival, the most important among them was Zeus. It was thought that if the gods weren't pleased, children died, lands were conquered, crops didn't grow, and civilization couldn't flourish. The Greeks called their festival Olympiad.

In the first 13 Olympic Games, there was only one event that took place: the sprint. The sprint event was about 108 meters long at the time, and only the finest Greeks were allowed to compete. The games were allegedly suspended for some 9 centuries. Upon returning, the Pentathlon was added, and it had different events. There was the discus throw, javelin toss, jumping, running, and wrestling.

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