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Vintage Vegas takes another spin
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04 September 2011

Chris Phillips alias Zowie Bowie also known as the man with constant and very obvious fake tan, has been wowing the Las Vegas lounges since 2006 with his wacky performances which he had been doing so expertly along with his then-fiancée.

The gleaming wide smile of the curvaceous Marley Taylor had drawn the crowds in to admire and ogle at the various outfits that both performers dared to wear during their flash performances and to marvel at the dance moves that Marley performed throughout. But then things went a little wrong for the couple as Marley decided to quit to go off with another man who was unfortunately the musical director of their show.

But all is not lost as Phillips has hired a new musical conductor who just happens to be the man that Marley went off with in the first place. It sounds like a story out of the roman era of trickery and deceit, but Phillips is convinced that the three of them will make the performance and therefore the whole show tighter and more intimate than it ever was in the past.

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